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Don't watch me if you're only trying to get Pantsu off me.

He is not for sale, he will never be. I don't want you watching me in ''hope'' that I'll give him up. That won't happen. So please change your mind before watching me. If you even asked to get pinged or to offer, I will block you without hesitation.


I love Pantsu so much, I can't even put it to words. I've already written a whole journal about him [Here] but honestly I won't ever get tired of telling people how much I love him. Am I bragging? Probably, but I couldn't care less. This character means so much to me, not only on a sentimental level, but on a emotional level too. There's nothing I haven't said already that can be said about him, honestly, trying to descriibe how much I love this character feels impossible. No words could ever capture my affection to him. He's a character that makes me feel better, and makes me happy. He's a character I connect to, in a serious and ironic way. I don't know why, but I honestly won't even bother to try to figure out why, it just is like it is.

I've gone through quite a lot, to get where I am today. And without this character as one of my key motivations, I could just as well have given up on art. Not only have I struggled through art, but I've had my fair share of downfalls with this character. Regardless of all the negative aspects or events regarding him that have happened, it won't stop me from loving him as much as I do. He's my world and my most precious and dear character, you can't even imagine how many times I've cried of joy, only to realize once again that I actually own him now. He's mine. And it'll stay that way.

I connect to Pantsu so much. He represents me, or at least parts of me. While he is me, he's also his own character. There's nothing I can say I dislike, he've grown on me a lot these years, and I've loved him ever since 2015. This may be all silly "for just a character", but I'll have you know that I'm very passionate about my characters, they help me through with my days and sometimes are the reason that I haven't given up on art/or anything in general. He makes me smile, and makes me feel happy. He's very dear and important to me.

I don't ever want to hear about offers or trades/sales regarding him. It ain't happening, I couldn't care less about how much you want him. I won't give him up. There's no money in the world, or no other character created that I want more than him. Honestly, don't even try, you'll only get disappointed. Offer me $1000+ or more if you like, it's a no. It took a lot to get him. And I'm not giving up on him. I'll forever be grateful to my two friends who helped me.
oncha and kvrusu
You guys, I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my absolute dream boy. You deserve a feature on my page, I want to be able to show my appreciation for your help.

Pantsu means the world to me. And when I say he won't leave me, I mean it.


Art Status
I currently don't do commissions. Only private ones or if I offer to do one for you.
I only do art trades with my mutuals
(we watch each other/friends)



''Welcome Home, Pantsu'' by oncha


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